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Cowdenbeath Community Council


Cowdenbeaths' Community Newsletter

One of the aims of the community council is to get information out into the community. After many discussions, the community councilors felt that a community newsletter might be a way to achieve that aim. And so with the help of funding from the 4winds trust,  we started to produce the Beath Bulletin. Hopefully, as time goes by and people get to know about the Bulletin, more groups/people will send in articles to be included in the bulletin. 

At present, we organise to print 1000 bulletins in May/June and Nov/Dec each year. This ties in with the work of the Civic Week Committee and promotes their events within the town. It costs approx £1200 to print 1000 twice a year and that cost is covered from those businesses/shops who advertise with us as well as our small fundraising activities at the Car Boot sale and some of the Civic Week Events.

In late 2015, when Cowdenbeath celebrated 125 years as a burgh - we secured funding from Fife Charities and were able to print 6000 booklets and with the help of the Cadets in Elgin Road, the Street Pastors and the community councilors - a Beath Bulletin would have been issued to near enough every household in Cowdenbeath.


We are also grateful to Fife Print Services who produce our bulletins


Detailed below are PDF versions of our bulletins - obviously it is not the same as the paper copy but we hope you enjoy anyway

November 2019 newsletter [ view ]


June 2019 Newsletter view ]


November 2018 newsletter [ view ]


June 2018 Newsletter [ view ]


November 2017 Newsletter [ view ]


June 2017 Newsletter [ view ]


Feb 2017 - Update [ view ]


November 2016 Newsletter 
view ]


May 2016 Newsletter [ view ]


November 2015 Newsletter [ view ]


June 2015 Newsletter [ view ]


March 2015 Newsletter [ view ]


March 2015 Newsletter [ view ] 

Thank you


4 Winds Trust (2015)

Fife Charities Trust (2015) 

 Mossmorran Wind Farm Ltd Community fund (2016)


for awarding us funds to help us with continued production of the Beath Bulletin.

Also to Fife Print Centre who give us  competitive prices for production of the Bulletin.

And also to the local businesses who have advertised with us

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